PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, Federal University of Paraná (2006); Master's degree in Microbiology from the State University of Londrina (1998) and a degree in Biological Sciences from the State University of Londrina (1995). Lecturer at the Federal Technological University of Parana (UTFPR) since 2007. Productivity grant CNPq (2008-2011). Reviewer of the periodicals: Foodborn pathogens and disease; Mycopathologia; Africa Journal of Microbiology Research; The Open Microbiology Journal; The Brazilian Journal of Microbiology; Semina - Agrarias; Semina - Biology and Health; Archives of Oral Biology; Mycoses; Journal of applied Microbiology. He works on the following topics: general and medical microbiology; food microbiology; biotechnology. It acts specifically in: analysis of microbiological indicators of water; analysis of virulence determinants; resistance of microorganisms to antimicrobials and heavy metals; analysis of probiotic strains of Enterococcus and lactic acid bacteria; formation of biofilm, analysis of pilli and production of EPS in Enterococcus; resistance of Enterococcus to disinfectants. Member of the Area Advisory Committee of Fundação Araucaria. Research Fellow of the Araucária Foundation. Lecturer in academic master's programs: Food Technology and Environmental Engineering.